Quick Response Training FAQs

What is the Quick Response Training Program?

The Program provides grant funds for customized training for new and existing/expanding Florida businesses that are creating new high-quality jobs.

What kinds of training can be funded by Quick Response?

Entry level skills training, including structured on-site training, classroom, laboratory, "Train-the Trainer" and computer-based training.

Who is eligible?

Eligible projects are new or expanding/existing Florida businesses that produce exportable goods or services, create new, permanent, full-time jobs; and employ Florida workers who require customized entry-level skills training. Types of businesses include manufacturing or service operations and national and international headquarters.

Are existing employees eligible for funding?

Existing employees are eligible for funding as part of an expansion project. This training would be required as a result of changing skill requirements caused by new technology or new product lines and to prevent potential layoffs.

Are businesses moving from one Florida community to another eligible?

Businesses moving from one community to another community in the State are not eligible for training funds unless Workforce Florida, Inc., determines that the business has a compelling economic rationale for the relocation which creates additional jobs and that layoffs do not occur.

Are start-up businesses eligible for funding?

Start-up businesses must be Florida firms, either headquartered or domiciled in the State of Florida, and must have been in the primary business of providing the type of services delineated in the application for a period of not less than 12 consecutive months. Submission of additional information is also required.


What costs can be reimbursed by Quick Response?

Reimbursable costs include those expenses related to specific entry-level job training: instructors’/trainers’ salaries, curriculum development, and textbooks/manuals. A fee of 5% of the grant amount can be collected for indirect costs incurred by the fiscal agent.

What are some of the costs that will not be reimbursed under the Quick Response Program?

Quick Response grant funds cannot be used to pay for trainees’ wages during training, travel, training equipment, material and supplies, capital improvements, or costs incurred prior to the approval date of the applicant.

How is the business reimbursed?

Allowable expenses are submitted monthly by the business to the fiscal agent. By the 20th of each month the fiscal agent will submit the payment request and monthly report to Workforce Florida. Payments are made on a reimbursement and performance basis as per terms of the grant agreement.


What is required of the business?

The business must provide company matches to the training program comprised of cash or in-kind contributions. An in-kind contribution is a non-cash contribution of goods or services provided by the business. Examples include: wages paid to trainees during the training period, equipment purchased to be used in the training project, materials and supplies, facility usage and travel. In addition, the business must guarantee a full-time job will exist at the end of the training period for placement by the training participant.

If your QRT application is approved, you will be required to post your new hire positions through one of Florida’s locally administered One-Stop Centers. Florida has almost 100 local One-Stop Centers locally branded and administered by the 24 Regional Workforce Boards. The One-Stops are all "members" of the Employ Florida network and can be located via the Employ Florida website or by calling toll-free 866-FLA-2345. The One-Stop Centers can furnish many valuable services at no charge to the employer. Some of these services are: applicant assessment and screening; referral of qualified job applicants; access to national, state, and local employment data and labor market information; on-the-job training; and customized training.

What does "high quality job" mean?

The goal of the program is to fund training programs for jobs with an average annual wage of at least 115% of local or state private sector wage (ES202 Data, pdf, 893K), whichever is lower. These wage guidelines are relaxed for projects located in an Enterprise Zone or distressed Rural or Urban Inner City Area or Brownfield Area.

How are the wages and jobs verified?

The business will maintain documentation of employee training data. Monthly reports are submitted to the fiscal agent with names and social security numbers of the trainees hired and trained. Wages and jobs are verified during the training process and upon completion of the training program.

Can you help us find employees?

The local One Stop Career Centers are available to assist in the recruitment and assessment of your potential employees. In addition, many of the One Stops have an assessment center on site and can design a technical assessment for your company, if necessary. To locate a One Stop Center near you go to www.employflorida.net or call toll-free 866-FLA-2345.


Where can the training take place?

Training can be conducted at the business’ facility, at the training providers facility, or at a combination of sites that best meets the needs of the business.

Who actually does the training?

Program instructors can be full or part-time educators, vendors or subject matter experts or professional trainers from the business. The Quick Response Training staff does not deliver the training. It only administers, monitors, evaluates and provides fiscal and grant compliance during the training process.


Where can an application be obtained?

To get an application, contact the Quick Response Training office at (850) 921-1119, or print the Quick Response Training application from the web.

How long does the process take after the application is submitted?

Staff communicates to the applicant and/or the fiscal agent within three working days from receipt of an application as to whether or not the application is complete. Funding recommendations will be made within ten working days of receipt of a complete application, unless other action is required.

Who provides technical assistance?

The Quick Response Training staff is available to provide technical assistance throughout the training program--from the application stage throughout contract execution, monitoring and fiscal closeout.

What happens after a grant is approved?

Workforce Florida, Inc. enters into a grant agreement with the business and training provider participating in the project.






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